Shipping and carrier

Delivery is understood to occur from the moment that physical possession of the Products is transferred to the Customer (the “Delivery”).

Products may be delivered in mainland France, in Corsica, in French overseas departments and territories, or all over the world. The Delivery of Products is carried out by one or more of the Company’s service providers (“Carriers”), from Monday to Friday, depending on the option selected by the Customer on confirmation of the Order. The Delivery charges applicable to the Order are as displayed on the Website at the time of placing the Order, indicated in the section “my basket > choice of carrier”.

The Carrier dispatches the Orders within a maximum time period of seventy-two (72) hours, starting from the first working day after the confirmation of the Order.

Responsibility for the risk of loss or damage is transferred to the Customer at the moment of Delivery.

Before taking Delivery of the Order, the Customer is required to check the condition of the Products. In the event of any anomaly, the Customer must inform the Company of this fact pursuant to the terms of Article VIII “Guarantees”.

Delivery is carried out by the Carrier at the delivery address indicated by the Customer. The delivery address must be located in the same country as the invoice address. Notwithstanding the above, Dealer Customers may assign a delivery address in a country other than that of the invoice address on condition that they send prior notification to the Company’s Accounts Department at the following email address: so that the usual administrative procedures can be carried out.

If it is impossible to carry out the Delivery, due to an incorrect delivery address or if the Customer fails to accept delivery of its Orders from the Carrier, no new delivery will be made, and the Customer will be reimbursed within a maximum time period of fourteen (14) days starting from the receipt of the Order by the Company.

The Company may not be held liable for any delay in delivery not attributable to its actions or caused by a case of force majeure.