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This Website belongs to the Company and is dedicated to the Products produced under the trademark Jeanneau:

The purpose of the Website is to offer the following products and services for sale: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, lifestyle accessories, household linen, miniature models of boats, insignia, POS displays, flags, Jeanneau merchandising for dealers, republishing services for administrative documents, and event provision services.


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Your personal data are conserved as follows:

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IV.3 – Exercising of rights relating to personal data

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(The above together form the “Information Technology Rights and Freedoms”).

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  • Send a request by electronic mail to communication@jeanneau.fr; or
  • Write to the following address, indicating your full name, email address and personal preferences: Jeanneau Communications Department, 34 rue Eric Tabarly, 85170 - DOMPIERRE-SUR-YON (France).

Each request to exercise Information Technology Rights and Freedoms must be signed and accompanied by the photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specifying the address to which the Company should reply. The reply to the request exercised on the basis of one or more Information Technology Rights and Freedoms will be addressed within a maximum time limit of two (2) months starting from the receipt of the request by the Company.

You also benefit from a right of appeal to a national regulatory authority such as the French National Commission for Information Technology Rights and Freedoms in the event of any breach of the regulations applicable in terms of the protection of personal data, and specifically the GDPR.

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V.2 - Cookies issued on the Website 

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VIII.1 - Copyright

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VIII.2 – Trademark rights

The Jeanneau brand names and semi-figurative trademarks have been registered by the Company and remain its exclusive property.

The reproduction, use, imitation, affixing, erasure or modification of these trademarks without the prior authorisation of SPBI or its owners, are acts that constitute the criminal offence of counterfeiting, punishable by three years of imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros (under the French Intellectual Property Code, Article L 716-10).

VIII.3 – Copyright - Photographic credits

The photographs belong to the Boutique.


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